Expansion and commercial portfolio management

A1 Property can advise and provide retail formulas with advice on international expansion and commercial portfolio management, but with an in-depth knowledge of the property market in general and the retail property market in particular. This includes:

  • Expansion: arming clients with knowledge of the lease prices and the latest developments on the local market when acquiring new locations;
  • Advice on lease prices;
  • An in-depth knowledge of lease prices, terms and conditions and other legal ins and outs as back-up for negotiating the right contract;

Services: A1 Property can provide full service or support on specific components only.

Oneill Antwerpen

O’Neill Brand Store (Antwerpen)

Van Gils Antwerpen

Van Gils Brand Store (Antwerpen)

Van Gils Amstelveen

Van Gils Brand Store (Amstelveen)

Reference project

A1 Property advises on Witteveen Mode regarding expansion into Germany. For more information see: www.witteveen-mode.nl.


Example photo Witteveen Store (Exterior)


Example photo Witteveen Store (Interior)